Student Journal of Occupational Therapy
Crossmark Policy for Corrections and Retractions

Articles published in the Student Journal of Occupational Therapy will remain unaltered unless issues are brought to our attention which significantly affect the major conclusions, interpretation, or application of the published findings or the ethical publishability of the work. SJOT reserves the right to issue retractions, corrigenda, errata and other article updates when appropriate.

SJOT strives to identify such errors in the pre-publication process. However, should mistakes be discovered post-publication, an erratum, corrigendum, or retraction correction may be issued. These updates will be published in SJOT and linked to the document through the Crossmark system.

Crossmark is a multi-publisher initiative supported by the Crossref organization to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current and authoritative version of a piece of content. By applying the Crossmark logo, the Student Journal of Occupational Therapy is committed to maintaining the data necessary to enable this critical process for all the content it publishes, and to alerting readers to changes and updates if, and when, they occur.

By clicking on the Crossmark logo, the user will be provided with the current status of a document and a link to the most recent version or updates, such as corrections or retractions, when they exist. This linked data may also include additional publication record information, including disambiguating author information, funding sources, or other contextually useful metadata.

Errata, corrigenda, and addenda may be published to correct or add text or information that appears within an earlier published article. These will be published in SJOT and linked to the work using the Crossmark system.

Retractions will be issued for reasons which pose major issues to the findings or publishability of an article. Retractions may be issued where the author(s) are found to have engaged in research misconduct, data manipulation, plagiarism, duplicate publication, or unethical research. They may also be issued due to honest mistakes on the part of the researcher. All retractions will be clearly marked and linked to the work using the Crossmark system. SJOT does not distinguish between articles that are retracted due to honest error and those that are retracted because of scientific misconduct or plagiarism.

Authors will be notified in writing of and may appeal any editorial corrections or retractions to the editorial board. Appeals may be submitted directly to our Senior Editor.

Authors and readers are asked to contact our Senior Editor for any necessary corrections.