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Entering post-professional graduate students at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences must take courses in interprofessional studies, regardless of program affiliation. Each of these interprofessional courses has an optional face-to-face immersion session. Here students, faculty, and academic support staff converge on one of the university’s five campuses for a weekend of collaborative learning. Sessions include research presentations, peer-to-peer learning, group projects, and academic advisement. However, librarians identified one glaring omission – effective in-person library support.

This presentation will show how librarians can use on-campus activities, such as immersion sessions or residencies, as opportunities to fill gaps in library literacy and improve outreach and engagement among distance learners and faculty. The presenter will incorporate personal reflection and student survey data to illustrate how ‘going the extra mile’ really impacts faculty collaboration and student success.


Presentation at the Distance Library Services Conference (DLS) held online on November 3-4, 2020.

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