The Effect of an Educational Session on College Instructors Knowledge and Attitudes of Concussion

Heather N. Schuyler, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


Until recently, the aspect of Return to Play (RTP) has been the primary focus of concussion management. However, Return to Learn (RTL) is an important part of concussion management and affects more than the patient and clinician. Aspects of RTL should include the students’ instructors, counselors, administrators, and athletics point person (when applicable) when developing the management plan. This study explored the gap in research surrounding RTL and focused on college instructor’s knowledge and attitudes regarding concussion and concussion management. Data was collected through both paper and electronic survey (a modified version of RoCKAS-ST) following an educational intervention. The results of this study identified a change in instructor’s knowledge following an educational intervention. The results also identified positive changes in attitude regarding concussion. The findings suggest educating instructors on concussion and institutional RTL progression may improve their knowledge and attitude resulting in a more supportive and holistic approach in concussion rehabilitation.