Date of Award

Summer 7-21-2021

Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Robin Kirschner, EdD, DNP, RN, CNS

Second Advisor

Laynette Goudy-Egger, DNP,FNP-BC, MSN, CWSWoun


The incidence of non-compliance and adherence to best practices wound care competence continues to be an issue among the clinical staff of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA). At the VA, there is a practice problem of non-compliance and adherence to best practices wound care competency as evidenced in the electronic medical record (EMR) documentation among the clinical staff. A PICOT question was developed to explore if the establishment of a staff best practices wound care policy focusing on EMR documentation will improve proper wound care management among the clinical staff. The clinical site is a hospital consisting of 40 acute care beds. A new policy adjusted documentation with the use of the Braden scale and the spinal cord impairment monitoring (SCI-PUMT) tools and documentation in the EMR at appropriate times was implemented. A pretest and posttest were conducted to determine the significance of the total documentation using the Braden or SCI-PUMT tools, total accurate documentation using the wound care tools, and the number of multidisciplinary team contacts using the EMR. The results showed no statistically significant improvement with t =1.66, p =.107, t =1.03, p = .310, and t = -0.31, p = .775, respectively. Although the above results did not show any statistical significance after two months of the project implementation, a re-implementation of the project is recommended with the elimination of the barriers encountered during the project implementation.


Scholarly project submitted to the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Nursing Practice

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