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Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics




Aims: We investigated relationships among the Pediatric Neuromuscular Recovery Scale (Peds NRS), modified Hoffer Scale, and spatiotemporal gait parameters in children with myelomeningocele (MMC).

Methods: 21 children with MMC, age 5.3 years (SD = 2.6), were assessed by three clinicians using the Peds NRS and modified Hoffer Scale. In eight children, gait parameters were also measured.

Results: The Peds NRS summary score demonstrated good correlation with modified Hoffer Scale score (r = -0.64, p = 0.002) that accounted for 41% of variation in summary score. Six Peds NRS seated/standing items exhibited good relationships with modified Hoffer Scale (r = -0.51 to -0.70, p≤ 0.023), and the sit-to-stand item demonstrated an excellent relationship (r = -0.85, ps = 0.81 to 0.88, p≤ 0.014), and swing and stance time (both Rs = -0.83 to -0.90, p≤ 0.01). Two Peds NRS standing items and modified Hoffer Scale score demonstrated good correlations with velocity (Rs = 0.71, p= 0.047; Rs = -0.73, p= 0.04, respectively).

Conclusions: Our findings suggest that children with MMC who exhibit greater movement quality and trunk control are likely to be functional ambulators with more optimal spatiotemporal gait parameters.

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