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Background and Purpose: There are few rehabilitation protocols for patients who have undergone glenohumeral microfracture procedure. The purpose of this paper is to present a patient case after both glenohumeral microfracture and Type II SLAP repair procedures and present a rehabilitation protocol.

Methods: The patient in this case is a 41-year-old male who had a sudden onset of pain, mechanical catching, and audible popping in his right shoulder, particularly with athletic activities. This patient was seen for 27 treatments and progressed per the presented protocol.

Findings: The overall improvement when combining the sections of the Quick- DASH was 72.96%, the patient also met his individual goals, as well as the progression goals for each phase of the protocol.

Clinical Relevance: The most important factors in rehabilitation following microfracture procedure of the shoulder are balancing early range of motion (ROM) and controlled loading conditions. The patient in this case had a successful outcome following a protocol that emphasized early ROM and incremental loading.