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The occupation of adaptive skateboarding strives to bring inclusivity to skateboarding by means of adaptational strategies that support performance for individuals with varied abilities. The purpose of this capstone project is to explore the occupation of adaptive skateboarding to increase the occupational knowledge and to inform occupational therapy’s role. A mixed methods research study was conducted to explore the question: What are the supports and barriers for participation in adaptive skateboarding? Additional community-based capstone experiences occurred to support the comprehensive findings that consider the role of occupational therapy in promoting participation. Conclusions highlight the meaning of the occupation of adaptive skateboarding, the need for further scientific literature, and the need for roles of advocacy that reduce barriers to participation.

Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2024


University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


Occupational therapy, Adaptive skateboarding, WCMX, Adaptive sports

Medical Subject Headings

Occupational therapy, Skating, Occupation, Adaptive sport


Occupational Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy


Poster presented at the Virtual OTD Capstone Symposium, held online at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences on April 10-17, 2024.

Exploring the Occupation of Adaptive Skateboarding