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Social and emotional learning (SEL) refers to the process through which individuals acquire social and emotional competencies (Geesa et al., 2022). This capstone project aimed to enhance education by developing a transformative SEL evaluation plan in a school district. The school district presented a commitment to fostering SEL but recognized the need for more targeted and transformative actions. This initiative arises from the acknowledgment that the existing SEL program did not meet the district's specific needs of inclusivity and equity, potentially impacting overall student performance, participation, and well-being. To address this gap, the district incorporated insights from occupational therapy practice to emphasize the significance of purposeful activities in promoting student well-being. This collaborative endeavor involved key stakeholders, students, teachers, and staff across different educational levels to address concerns and expectations related to the SEL program collectively. The overarching goal was to realign SEL practices with the district's objectives, fostering inclusivity and equity and creating an educational environment that is responsive, effective, and tailored to the unique needs of its student population.

Publication Date

Fall 2023


University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


Occupational Therapy, Schools, Students, Educational Status

Medical Subject Headings

Occupational Therapy, Schools, Students, Educational Status


Community-Based Learning | Educational Methods | Occupational Therapy


Poster presented at the Virtual OTD Capstone Symposium, held online at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences on December 6, 2023.

Establishing A Transformative Social Emotional Learning Evaluation Plan to Support All Students within a Targeted School District