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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a condition that occurs due to an external blow to the skull that damages the brain (Carulli et al., 2018). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2.5 million TBI have been reported each year. Many students with TBI face physical, cognitive, environmental, and social challenges in their transition to post-secondary education (Bedell et al., 2017). Individuals with TBI experience social and behavioral changes that interfere with their participation as they face difficulties initiating, regulating their social behaviors, and experiencing increased introversion (Bedell et al., 2017). Physical challenges include fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, and poor anger management that hinder their academic successes (Jacobs et al., 2017). Environmental challenges include limited transportation, time constraints, and lack of understanding from peers and teachers' misconceptions about their TBI conditions (Bedell et al., 2017).

The purpose of the project is to enhance a transition program with an OT lens to meet the student’s needs in physical, social, environmental, and/or cognitive barriers to improve their successes at postsecondary institutions.

According to the needs assessment and site observation, an occupation-based transition program was developed. This program was conducted at Mt. San Antonio College. For the program outcome, a pre-survey was given to the participants before the program implementation and the post-survey was given after the program implementation. The pre-survey and post-survey results were compared and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the transition program.

Publication Date

Fall 12-9-2021


University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Medical Subject Headings

Brain Injuries, Traumatic, Anger Management Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Program Development, Needs Assessment, Surveys and Questionnaires


Mental and Social Health | Neurology | Occupational Therapy


Poster presented at the Fall 2021 Virtual OTD Capstone Symposium held online at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, December 9-10, 2021.

Transition Program to Postsecondary Education for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury