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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is an ongoing chronic health problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Habituation is a construct used by the occupational therapy (OT) practice model, the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO). Habituation relates to a persons’ roles, habits, and routines, and how these interact to shape occupational participation and performance. Since the habitual use of alcohol is a key component of AUD, an understanding of how habituation is addressed in OT intervention is essential. The OT literature has not been systematically reviewed to determine how habituation is addressed in OT practice in clients with AUD, leaving it difficult for practitioners to address clients’ habituation in OT intervention. The purpose of this project was to conduct a scoping review of the literature to identify how habituation was addressed in OT intervention with clients with AUD. This study aimed to answer: How is habituation addressed in the literature addressing occupational therapy intervention with clients with alcohol use disorder? Established scoping review methodology guided this review. Of 156 identified articles, 14 studies met the inclusion criteria and were reviewed. Data was grouped into themes and is displayed in frequency tables in relation to the major MOHO constructs. Findings indicate that the MOHO construct of habituation was discussed in the literature more than the other MOHO constructs but was addressed the least in OT interventions. This disconnect suggests that OT intervention should have a more focused approach to habituation in intervention planning.

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University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


occupational therapy, habituation, alcohol use disorder, recovery, Model of Human Occupation

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Alcoholism, Occupational Therapy, Habits, Habituation, Psychophysiologic


Mental and Social Health | Occupational Therapy | Substance Abuse and Addiction


Poster presented at the Virtual OTD Capstone Symposium, held online at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences April 12-14, 2022.

Habituation in Occupational Therapy for People with Alcohol Use Disorder