A Delphi Study to Develop a National Survey of Accessibility of Medical Instrumentation

Publication Title

Proceedings of the RESNA 2004 International Conference


The RERC on Accessible Medical Instrumentation evaluates and develops methods and technologies to increase accessibility and usability of diagnostic, therapeutic, and procedural healthcare equipment, and associated assistive technologies, for people with disabilities. This paper outlines the Delphi approach used to develop a national consumer survey aimed at identifying key types of medical instrumentation that present problems for individuals with a wide array of disabilities. The iterative nature of the Delphi technique allowed for feedback from 30 key informants/experts with disabilities and provided a framework for further refinement of the survey. Some medical instrumentation identified in the national survey will be targeted for modification in future research and development activities of this RERC.


Paper presented at the International Annual Conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (RESNA), June 18-24, 2004, in Orlando, FL.