This presentation introduces the Intentional Fieldwork Education Model (IFWEM). This model emphasizes intentional teaching and the application of the occupational therapy lens in the clinical education process. The IFWEM incorporates the frameworks of "Transformational Learning Theory" (Canton & Taylor, 2012), "Experiential Learning Theory" (Lisko & O’dell, 2010), and "Pedandragogy" (Samaroo, Cooper & Green, 2013) to improve the effectiveness of teaching-learning during the fieldwork experience through intentional engagement. The creation of intentional learning experiences, student assimilation into the clinic culture, and modification and pacing of learning during the clinical education process are discussed. In addition, the impact of collaborative relationships, effective communication and feedback, teaching styles, and the integration of learning styles into the fieldwork experience are explored. Following an in-depth presentation of the concepts of the model, a series of applicable vignettes are presented.


Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the South Carolina Occupational Therapy Association in Charleston, SC, February 22-23, 2019.