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The purpose of this case report is to describe the effectiveness of soft tissue mobilization with movement (STMM) to improve cervical and shoulder range of motion status-post thyroidectomy in a 36-year-old male.

When addressing hypertrophic scarring and ROM restrictions after total thyroidectomy, a beneficial myofascial treatment may include STMM. A home program could incorporate STMM or self-myofascial release as well.

Publication Date

Fall 2018


St. Augustine, FL


Manipulation, Orthopedic, Thyroidectomy, Shoulder Joint, Cervical Vertebrae, Range of Motion, Articular


Physical Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy


Presented at the Fall 2018 Research Day on the St. Augustine, FL, campus of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.


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Soft Tissue Mobilization with Movement to Improve Cervical and Shoulder Range of Motion Post-thyroidectomy in a 36-year-old Male: A Case Report