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The primary purpose of this case report was to assess the effects of a specific progression of PNF and Rhythmic Stabilization Exercises (RSE) in conjunction with traditional physical therapy for a seventeen-year-old wrestler post Type II SLAP lesion surgical repair.

This case report indicated that the utilization of PNF and RSE is a beneficial component to physical therapy treatment of a seventeen-year-old wrestling athlete with a Type II SLAP lesion surgical repair. Designing a treatment plan with emphasis on PNF and RSE is cost-efficient, as it does not require expensive equipment or additional certifications. Also, physical therapists utilizing PNF and RSE could further control the safety of therapeutic interventions by providing manually controlled resistance and perturbations.

Publication Date

Fall 2018


St. Augustine, FL


Muscle Stretching Exercises, Shoulder Injuries, Athletes, Adolescent


Physical Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy


Presented at the Fall 2018 Research Day on the St. Augustine, FL, campus of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation In A Male Wrestler Post Type II Slap Lesion Surgical Repair