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The purpose of this case study was to assess the effects of core stabilization exercises, balance training, agility ladder step drills, fine motor, and dual-task training in the treatment of a high-functioning, 55-year-old, male patient with a history of Parkinson’s Disease and suspected Gilbert’s Syndrome.

This treatment program delivered for 1 hour once per week over 4 weeks led to mild improvements in activity limitations with the most notable being able to button a shirt with decreased time and assistance. The patient also exhibited mild improvement in body structure/function impairments with decreased loss of balance as evident during tandem walking in the Functional Gait Assessment.

This case report suggests that a multimodal physical therapy treatment approach can be effective in the treatment of a patient with Parkinson’s Disease and suspected Gilbert’s Syndrome.

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San Marcos, CA


Physical Therapy Modalities, Parkinson Disease, Exercise Therapy, Gait, Humans, Male, Middle Aged


Kinesiotherapy | Physical Therapy | Physiotherapy


Poster presented at the Summer 2019 Research Day on the San Marcos, CA, campus of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, August 16, 2019.

Rehabilitation Modifications for a Patient with Parkinson’s Disease Following a Suspected Case of Gilbert’s Syndrome: A Case Study