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Concussions are a rising concern amongst the sports community. Student-athletes with concussions can exhibit deficits in physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and visual-perceptual abilities (Centers for Disease Control, 2019). Occupational therapists are equipped to address the impacts of those deficits to improve occupational engagement and performance but are often overlooked in concussion management teams (Finn, 2019). A concussion management team typically consists of coaches, athletic trainers (ATs), physicians, and sometimes physical therapists, depending on the severity of the concussion. Due to growing concern and continued research, the concussion management team must be current with new information. Coaches and ATs may not keep up with new challenges and may not know how to identify subtle signs of concussions. This guidebook aimed to create a guidebook for coaches and ATs on working with student-athletes with concussions to educate them on concussions, how to treat them, understand symptoms, and more. When creating the guidebook, occupational therapy was rooted in the background by utilizing the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) and the Cognitive-Behavioral Frame of Reference. The guidebook consists of six chapters that include background on concussions, what occupational therapy is and its role, how to identify, treat, and adapt to concussions, how concussions vary by person and sport, and more. This capstone document comprises five chapters that discuss the background, literature review, proposed methods of creating the guidebook, results, and discussion. This capstone project broadens the understanding of concussions in student-athletes and occupational therapy’s role in the concussion management team. Using this guidebook will increase occupational performance and quality of life (QoL) in student-athletes with concussions.

Publication Date

Spring 4-10-2024


University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences


Concussion, Occupational Therapy, Student-Athletes

Medical Subject Headings

Athletes, Athletic Injuries, Brain Concussion, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy, Occupations, Sport, Students


Occupational Therapy | Sports Sciences


Poster presented at the Virtual OTD Capstone Symposium, held online at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences on April 10-17, 2024.

The Occupational Performance of Student-Athletes Post-Concussion: A Guide for Coaches and Athletic Trainers